Border Collie Puppies

So, you want a Border Collie puppy in your home and lifestyle. For many families, choosing from a litter of Border Collie puppies is the best decision, especially for families with smaller children. From their infancy, Border Collie puppies can be trained more easily, and children can grow alongside it, making certain that your new puppy doesn’t use its herding instinct on the child to make it feel threatened to stay in line. Here are some things you should know.

Border Collie Puppy

Border Collie Puppy

Border collies puppies are quite intelligent creatures. They can learn things at an astounding rate, including human speech patterns and actions that correlate to those patterns. At the same time, they are also jam-packed full of energy, and can be quite rowdy when it comes to wanting to play with the family. As I’ve mentioned before, they have a herding instinct that they have evolved with, due to human interactions from breeding them to work with sheep herders. Border Collie puppies may try to keep things in line, imposing the small influence they do have.

Keep in mind that this herding instinct isn’t necessarily an automatic thing that you will have to deal with throughout the life of the Border Collie puppy. In fact, one of the reasons why Border Collie puppies are returned to their adoption agency is because people find that they have grown out of doing their job as a sheep herder. If the owner starts training from an early age, the behavior can be molded to suit an appropriate mode of action in the home.

In this video you can see how playful Border Collies are, puppies or adults.

Picking a reputable breeder for Border Collie puppies who can answer all your questions is key. When choosing yours among the other Border Collie puppies, you must first evaluate the litter as a whole. Notice their tendencies and interactions with the people around them. Never make the mistake during the selection process of deciding on one that is overly energetic or eager. While such overt characteristics from Border Collie puppies can make for the best two or three hours of your life, such wild-nature playing will run you down before long.

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