Border Collie Rescue and Adoption

Border Collie adoption is a process where you go to an animal shelter or other organization that carries Border Collie dogs and take one to live with you in your home. Border Collie rescue is as it sounds; it may be time for the dogs in question to be put down, due to the living quarters they reside in not having enough room to keep them. Border Collie rescue situations are generally more dire for the dog than the simple Border Collie adoption process, so this should be factored in to the future owner’s decision on which direction to go in for your new companion.

Border Collie Rescue

Border Collie Rescue

Border Collie adoption, along with Border Collie rescue, will require the owner to consider if certain things apply to their lifestyle. When you decide to go for either option, here are the things that you need to think about:

• Do you have enough time in your home life to dedicate to raising a Border Collie dog?
• Do you actually want a dog, or is this a whim where the Collie would end back up in a pound?
• Are you willing to deal with sometimes unpleasant behavior your dog may exhibit?
• Do you have children, and can they be instructed not to provoke the dog with its herding instinct?

All of these questions need to be analyzed and answered honestly before deciding what you will do on either process of Border Collie adoption or Border Collie rescue. Often, families find that dogs in this breed are too hyper and hard to control, so they will send them right back to the place where they adopted or rescued. Some Border Collie rescue and Border Collie adoption centers actively use behavioral training. If not, implement your own.

Generally, when deciding on Border Collie adoption, the above things should only factor in. However, seeking an institution for Border Collie rescue will effectively save a dog’s life, so you should consider going that route. Questions to ask here include if the animal has its vaccinations, and if it has any mental or medical ailments.

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