Border Collie Obedience Training

Border Collie dogs must be trained for obedience from early age because they are well known as intelligent animals but also full of energy and with a herding instinct.

A few steps to follow for Border Collie obedience training

Never scold a Border Collie unless you catch it red-pawed. It is important not to express anger towards your dog unless you actually see the behavior firsthand. They associate discipline with what they remember last.

Introduce a crate early for your Border Collie training. A crate is great for allowing your dog to have a secure place to go to. It is also particularly effective for Border Collie training. Never use it to discipline.

Try to take more positive tact than negative. Border Collies respond to what pleases their owner, above all. If you simply ignore some wrong things it has done, while giving it positive attention for expressing good behavior, your dog is likely to catch on and repeat this activity.

Border Collie Training

Border Collie Training

Establish some ground rules, and stick to them. You need to have a set routine for your Collie and give it restrictions on what it can and can’t do. Everyone should staunchly follow the regulations of your Border Collie training regimen, otherwise you will be fighting for its respect.

Above all, socialize with your Border Collie dog. Your Collie ultimately needs to be well-adjusted to its new home, and to you as its handler. Show it attention and affection, while giving it the exercise and rest period it needs.
Employ these methods at the youngest possible age. It’s much easier to train Border Collie puppies than adults, so you should take note of starting your training shortly after your dog has familiarized itself with the home.

After starting the Border Collie training, you should be stern and unwavering so that your dog tries to please you. You should begin implementing these methods in the best fashion you can, so that your dog may get a sense of its duties and obligations around the house.

Some examples of what Border Collie training should include

• Not giving it food at the dinner table. It will come to expect this, and eventually demand it.
• Not letting it sleep in your bed, or rest on your furniture, unless you don’t mind this behavior.
• Making it obey commands before doing what it wants you to, such as sitting before getting a treat.

The reason Border Collies need guidance is because they are extremely hyperactive, and can easily become destructive. With these guidelines, your dog can live a balanced, calm, well-adjusted lifestyle.

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